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Jacksonville Left-Turn Accident Lawyer

Making a left turn is often a tricky maneuver. You must look for oncoming traffic and pedestrians and make split-second decisions. And the risks only increase in a populous city like Jacksonville, Florida. 

If you were involved in a car accident, a Jacksonville left-turn accident attorney from Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers can help. Our legal team has over 80 years of combined experience helping injured clients throughout northeast Florida recover fair compensation. Since we opened our doors in 2012, we’ve won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts

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How Our Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Left-Turn Collision

How Our Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Left-Turn Collision

A left-turn accident can leave you or your passengers with debilitating injuries. If the collision was caused by someone else, you may be able to hold them accountable for any losses not covered by your PIP insurance policy. 

That’s where Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers comes in. We’ll put our experience and skills to work for you to get the compensation you deserve. 

If you hire our Jacksonville personal injury attorneys for help handling your left-turn accident case, we’ll: 

  • Conduct our own investigation into the cause of your collision and identify who is liable 
  • Gather evidence and consult experts if there are complex issues involved in your case 
  • Submit all documentation and file all claims in a timely manner
  • Aggressively negotiate to get you a fair settlement 
  • Represent you in a court in Duval County if necessary 

Contact our Jacksonville, FL law office to discuss the benefits of creating an attorney-client relationship. We offer a free initial consultation and work under a contingency fee arrangement, so there’s no risk in seeking our help.

What Causes Left-Turn Accidents in Jacksonville, FL? 

When you make a left turn, you’re usually crossing at least one lane of oncoming traffic – which is what makes these turns so dangerous. 

Some common causes of left-turn accidents include: 

No matter what caused your left-turn accident, our Jacksonville car accident attorneys will help you pursue compensation for your losses.

Common Injuries Sustained in Left-Turn Accidents 

Left-turn accidents can cause catastrophic injuries for drivers and passengers, depending on the speed of the vehicles upon impact. 

Common injuries victims suffer in these types of accidents include but are not limited to: 

Some victims may also lose their lives in left-turn collisions. If you lost a loved one in a fatal car accident, we can help you file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault motorist. 

What Compensation Can I Recover in a Left-Turn Accident Case in Florida? 

Florida car accident victims can seek compensation for their economic and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages are financial losses that typically have an obvious dollar value, such as: 

Non-economic damages are intangible losses that are subjective to the victim, such as: 

Punitive damages may be available in limited circumstances if you can show that the defendant’s conduct was intentional or grossly negligent. Punitive damages are meant to punish people for particularly egregious behavior and deter others from engaging in similar acts. 

Contact our attorneys in Jacksonville to learn more about the compensation you can seek after a left-turn car accident. 

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Left-Turn Accident in Florida? 

Under Florida’s statute of limitations, you’ll now have either two or four years to submit your claim, due to a recent change in the law. A two-year deadline applies to accidents occurring on or after 3/24/2023, and a four-year deadline applies to accidents that took place before that date. Exceptions could apply to your case, so it’s best to consult an experienced attorney to ensure that you meet the applicable statutory deadline. 

Contact Our Jacksonville Left-Turn Accident Attorneys for a Free Consultation 

Are you struggling with injuries after a left-turn accident in Jacksonville, FL? The experienced legal team at Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers is here to provide assistance. We’ll handle every aspect of your claim so that you can focus on healing. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case assessment to explore your legal options. We’ll listen to your story, learn more about your injuries and how they impact your life, and explain the potential avenues for compensation. 

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