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Florida House Bill 837

Big change is looming in Tallahassee. New legislation aimed at tort reform is a big win for insurance companies, but it will have a profound impact on the rights of Florida citizens. The path to justice for victims of negligence will include new hurdles, and for some it will close the door to justice altogether.   […]

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Can I File a Claim if Someone Hits My Parked Car in Jacksonville, FL?

Property damage to your car can occur in a variety of contexts in Jacksonville, Florida, such as a collision after a driver runs a red light. It can also happen even when your car is parked and stationary. The good news is that you could have several ways of paying for damages to your vehicle. […]

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IV Infiltration Can Cause Nerve Damage, Burns, or Amputation

Intravenous (IV) infiltrations are medical conditions that occur when fluids passing through a needle or catheter escape from the vein and become exposed to the surrounding tissues.  While many of these mishaps result in mild symptoms, there’s still a high risk of infection and other complications whenever tainted medical equipment or improper techniques are used. […]

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Are Hospitals and Nursing Homes Responsible for Bedsores?

Individuals hospitalized for extended stays and residents in nursing homes can develop bedsores. Bedsores are preventable. Therefore, the patient suffers needlessly.  Hospitals and nursing homes in Jacksonville could be responsible for bedsores if negligence, abuse, or intentional wrongdoing caused them. They can also be responsible for infections and life-threatening conditions that develop because of bedsores. […]

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Does Not Wearing a Seatbelt Affect My Car Accident Claim?

Car accident claims are probably the most common of all personal injury claims. In fact, in the past, car accident claims clogged Florida courts so much that the state adopted “no-fault” car insurance rules to reduce the number of car accident lawsuits. If you suffered a car accident while you were not wearing a seatbelt, […]

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What Happens if You’re Hit by Someone Driving a Rental Car in Jacksonville?

Getting hit by someone driving a rental car can become an insurance nightmare, but recovering compensation is still possible, especially if you have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side.  Car accidents involving a rental vehicle are naturally more complex than other types of crashes. The insurance policies of the rental company, rental insurance, […]

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Pedestrians in Florida — Walking the Streets in Safety

With the ubiquity of mobile digital devices, distracted driving is more prevalent than ever before. Because of this, pedestrians are at risk when walking near a public roadway.  Those who are walking, roller-skating, skateboarding, or using a wheelchair to travel are at risk when motorists are distracted. Although Florida drivers have a legal responsibility to […]

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What Is the Difference Between Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence?

If a doctor or other medical provider caused you harm or injury, you might hear Jacksonville personal injury lawyers use terms such as medical malpractice and medical negligence. The terms sound the same, and you can recover compensation for both types of injury claims. However, medical negligence is ultimately a form of medical malpractice. Negligence […]

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Should You Call the Cops for a Fender Bender in Jacksonville, FL?

Calling the cops for a fender bender in Jacksonville might seem more of a headache than a benefit. You must wait for the police to arrive, investigate the accident, and issue a report. Instead of 10 minutes exchanging information with the other driver, you might have to wait for more than an hour or two […]

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Window Tint Laws in Florida

Whether you like the aesthetic or you are looking for ways to tame the bright Florida sun, aftermarket window tinting for automobiles might be a customization that interests you. According to Grand View Research, the auto window tint industry was valued at over $3.5 billion in 2021. While you may believe you are entitled to […]

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