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Does Car Insurance Cover Golf Cart Accidents in Jacksonville, FL?

If you’ve been injured in a golf cart accident, you may be wondering whether you can file an insurance claim to recover compensation for your injuries. The short answer is that it depends on many factors, including who caused the accident and how it occurred.  Insurance companies recognize that there are big differences between golf […]

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Can I Get a DUI On A Golf Cart In Jacksonville, FL? 

Most people think of DUIs as occurring on highways and involving cars, trucks, and other regular vehicles. However, DUIs can occur in various types of vehicles, including boats and golf carts. If you are injured in a golf cart accident, and you suspect it involved a drunk driver, it is essential to understand how DUI […]

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How To Own and Operate a Golf Cart in Jacksonville, FL

Beautiful sunny days often prompt fun outdoor activities in Jacksonville, FL. This often includes riding golf carts in residential areas. Golf carts, as defined by state law, are meant to be used for recreational purposes and are not designed to exceed 20 miles per hour.   Before enjoying your golf cart in good weather, you should […]

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What Is the Average Cost of Golf Cart Insurance in Jacksonville, FL?

These days, more people are becoming golf cart owners. But the thing is, these vehicles aren’t just for the golf course anymore. Several roads allow golf carts to travel on them. If you’re operating a golf cart considered to be a low-speed vehicle, you’ll likely need insurance protection. But how much does Florida golf cart […]

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Are Golf Carts Safe for Kids in Jacksonville?

They are fun, easy to use, and significantly more cost-effective than automobiles — golf carts are not just for the golf course.  The State of Florida has the second-highest number of residents over the age of 60, and many older Americans find golf carts a convenient way to get around their retirement communities. Other Floridians […]

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Golf Cart Safety in Jacksonville

Residents, workers, and golfers across Florida use golf carts. Golf carts are particularly suited for use on golf courses and in active living neighborhoods, mobile home parks, and even theme parks — all places where people need to cover a lot of ground safely. But golf carts are deceptively dangerous. The U.S. has over 18,000 […]

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