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What Is the Average Cost of Golf Cart Insurance in Jacksonville, FL?

These days, more people are becoming golf cart owners. But the thing is, these vehicles aren’t just for the golf course anymore. Several roads allow golf carts to travel on them. If you’re operating a golf cart considered to be a low-speed vehicle, you’ll likely need insurance protection. But how much does Florida golf cart insurance actually cost?

The answer to that question depends on multiple factors, including your age and driving history. However, LSV golf cart insurance is usually reasonably priced. 

What Is Considered a Golf Cart in Florida?

Under Florida law, a golf cart is a vehicle that:

  • Is primarily designed to be used on a golf course for recreation
  • Cannot exceed speeds of 20 miles per hour

Additionally, golf carts that drive at speeds greater than 20 MPH are considered to be “low-speed vehicles” (LSVs). In Florida, a low-speed vehicle:

  • Travels at max speeds of 25 miles per hour
  • Can only be driven on roads where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less
  • Is registered and titled with the state and carries insurance

It’s important to determine whether you are legally allowed to operate your golf cart on the road. On roads where golf carts are permitted, you must follow the rules of the road that apply to every other vehicle. 

Is Golf Cart Insurance in Florida Required?

In Florida, auto insurance is required. While golf carts are technically a type of vehicle, golf cart insurance in FL is not always necessary. In particular, there are cases where you do not need to have street-legal golf cart insurance. 

However, if your cart is considered to be a low-speed vehicle because it exceeds 20 MPH, you do need minimum insurance.

Types of LSV Insurance in Florida

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot add golf cart insurance to your auto insurance policy. To insure your golf cart, you can either purchase a separate policy or add insurance through your homeowners’ insurance policy.

For LSV golf carts in Florida, you’ll need minimum insurance offering at least $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 in personal damage liability coverage. 

Golf carts do not have the same minimum insurance requirements as regular vehicles, as they cannot travel at such high speeds or have the same capacity to cause harm and property damage in an accident.

In addition, golf cart insurance protection can also be secured through your homeowners’ insurance policy with insurance rider coverage. 

How Much Is Golf Cart Insurance in Florida?

Florida LSV insurance costs are not as high as you might think. In fact, golf cart insurance can cost as little as $75 for the entire year. Several factors play a role in determining the cost of golf cart insurance in Florida, including age, driving history, and exact location. Additionally, the specifications of your golf cart can contribute to insurance costs. 

Minimum insurance coverage for LSVs is all that’s required, but you can always decide to add more protection if needed. The more insurance you put on your golf cart, the more your premiums will cost. 

Several insurance companies offer golf cart insurance. You can shop around to find the right price and coverage for your golf cart. 

LSV Golf Cart Insurance Can Be Particularly Helpful in the Event of an Accident

There’s a reason Florida requires insurance for vehicles. In the event of a golf cart accident in Jacksonville, FL, having protection can make all the difference for you and others involved. 

Florida is a no-fault state. As a result, if you suffer harm in an accident while operating a golf cart, your insurance can help cover the costs of your collision-related expenses. A Jacksonville golf cart accident lawyer can help you determine your options.

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