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Full insurance policy limits paid in a catastrophic motorcycle crash case.

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Multi-million dollar settlement achieved for 500 condo-hotel unit owners following 5 years of litigation.

Class Action Litigated Settlement

Full insurance policy limits paid following years of litigation over injuries sustained in a semi-truck crash.

Truck Accident Settlement

Multiple insurance policy limits paid for injuries sustained in a commercial trucking case.

Truck Accident Settlement

Jury Verdict awarded to family of nursing home resident who suffered fatal injuries due to negligent care.

Nursing Home Wrongful Death Trial Verdict

The insurance company paid 9 times its policy limits following litigation establishing bad faith by the insurance.

Car Accident Settlement

Seven-figure injury settlement achieved following years of litigation against multiple companies for negligence in the design and construction of a roadway work-zone.

Motor Vehicle & Construction Zone Negligence Settlement

Confidential substantial settlement for parents who tragically lost their young son in an accident caused by failures to protect children at play during a sidewalk construction project.

Car Accident Settlement

Swift and aggressive action by Baggett Law against opposing insurance carriers resulted in this seven-figure resolution for our young, hardworking client within 60 days of a frightening motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

A long-coming victory against an industrial facility owner that, til the bitter end, denied liability for causing catastrophic injuries to our client, a good, hardworking family man

Industrial Accident Litigated Settlement

Medical Malpractice Settlement

After being caught on camera from multiple angles leaving its lane and smashing into our client’s vehicle, the trucking company still denied responsibility and even attempted to blame our innocent client. Our hard-fought settlement represents the trucking company’s ultimate acceptance of responsibility.

Truck Accident Litigated Settlement

After distinguished careers as Naval Commanders of US Naval Forces in Europe, our clients suffered a harrowing freeway crash that spun their car into a concrete barrier.  Bruised and battered and in need of significant medical care, our clients faced an insurance carrier that wanted to offer only partial compensation for the harms done.  Baggett Law filed suit. Less than a year into the case, the insurance carrier paid our clients a much-deserved settlement to make them whole.

Car Accident Settlement

After an illegal driver smashed into the rear our client’s car, the insurance companies for the illegal driver and our client – a decorated military veteran – attempted to disclaim responsibility for his physical harm and medical care needs. Baggett Law waged a calculated, 2+ year battle for fair compensation resulting in an out of court settlement for our deserving client.

Car Accident Settlement

Confidential substantial settlement won for a construction worker who fell from the second-story of a building because of dangerous worksite conditions.

Construction Site Accident Case

Confidential substantial settlement won for a Jacksonville community leader who suffered severe injuries in a head-on collision with a semi-truck that had run a red light.

Truck Accident Settlement
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