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How to Protect Jacksonville Nursing Home Residents with Dementia from Abuse

Nearly 2 million individuals are expected to be in nursing homes by 2030. A significant percentage of the nation’s 6 million adults with dementia will be found in these facilities. The effects of dementia make elderly adults living with this condition vulnerable to abuse and exploitation in nursing homes. Nursing homes have a duty to […]

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What Are Some Examples of Patient Neglect in Nursing Homes in Florida?

Nursing home abuse takes many forms. Most people assume a patient was the victim of physical abuse when they hear about nursing home abuse cases. However, neglect is a form of elder abuse that can cause severe injuries and wrongful death. Understanding the forms of patient neglect and abuse in nursing homes is important. Understanding […]

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Are Hospitals and Nursing Homes Responsible for Bedsores?

Individuals hospitalized for extended stays and residents in nursing homes can develop bedsores. Bedsores are preventable. Therefore, the patient suffers needlessly.  Hospitals and nursing homes in Jacksonville could be responsible for bedsores if negligence, abuse, or intentional wrongdoing caused them. They can also be responsible for infections and life-threatening conditions that develop because of bedsores. […]

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