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What Are Some Examples of Patient Neglect in Nursing Homes in Florida?

Nursing home abuse takes many forms. Most people assume a patient was the victim of physical abuse when they hear about nursing home abuse cases. However, neglect is a form of elder abuse that can cause severe injuries and wrongful death.

Understanding the forms of patient neglect and abuse in nursing homes is important. Understanding patient neglect can help you spot signs of nursing home abuse. 

Examples of patient neglect in Florida nursing homes include:

Neglecting a Patient’s Personal Care

Many nursing home patients are unable to perform tasks to manage their personal care. For example, they need assistance brushing their teeth, washing/combing their hair, bathing, and using the bathroom. 

Neglecting to assist patients with personal care can result in unsanitary conditions. Patients can develop infections, bed sores, and other injuries from sitting or lying in soiled clothing, beds, and chairs all day and/or night.

Neglecting Medical Care 

Many patients in nursing homes require skilled medical care. They need someone to give them their medications, monitor blood pressure, check blood sugar levels, and provide other necessary health care services. 

When a nursing home neglects to provide medical care, a patient could quickly become ill. Missed medication doses could result in strokes, heart attacks, and diabetic conditions. Failing to care for wounds could result in sepsis. 

Neglect of medical care is a severe breach of duty for patient care. It could result in a medical malpractice claim depending on the people involved.

Neglecting a Resident’s Basic Needs

Basic needs include having healthy meals and getting sufficient fluids. Unfortunately, many nursing home patients are unable to feed themselves, much less prepare food or get their own water. 

Nursing homes must provide healthy meals and snacks. They need to ensure that the patients eat the food and drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and malnutrition. If the patient cannot feed themselves, a person should sit with them and do it for them or assist them in feeding themselves.

Neglecting the Patient’s Emotional Needs

For some nursing home patients, the only interaction they receive from other people is the interaction they receive with the nursing home staff members. Ignoring patients for hours or days can have a negative impact on their emotional well-being. 

Emotional neglect can lead to severe depression and behavioral problems. In addition, these conditions could lead to other problems, including refusing to eat, bathe, or take medications. 

Neglecting the Safety of the Patients 

Nursing homes have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for their patients. Therefore, the home should not have loose or torn rugs, debris on the floor, and other hazards that increase the risk of falls. There should be protocols to reduce the risk of patient falls and dropping patients.

If a patient has a medical condition preventing them from walking without assistance, the nursing home beds should have rails and an alarm to alert staff members if they try to get out of bed alone. In addition, equipment and chairs need safety features to prevent falls.

Additionally, the nursing home has a duty of care to protect its patients. Therefore, there should be mechanisms to prevent patients from leaving the facility without supervision. Likewise, locks and alarms should prevent people who should not be there from entering the nursing home.

What Should I Do if My Loved One Is the Victim of Nursing Home Neglect?

Do you suspect your family member has been neglected or abused in a Florida nursing home? 

If your loved one is in immediate danger, call 911 for help. Securing the safety and health of your family member is the first priority. 

You can report abuse and neglect of an elderly person to the Florida Adult Protective Services by calling the hotline at 1-800-962-2873 or reporting the abuse online. You can also file a complaint about a nursing home with the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

Filing a Claim for Neglect in a Florida Nursing Home 

In addition to filing a complaint with the authorities and reporting the nursing home, your family member might also have a civil claim. They could be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. They could also receive reimbursement for medical bills and relocation costs. 

Once your loved one is safe, contact a Jacksonville nursing home abuse lawyer. An attorney understands what is at stake and can give you additional information and advice about what you should do.

The recovery from a nursing home neglect claim does not undo the suffering your loved one endured. However, filing a civil claim forces the nursing home to acknowledge its negligence and wrongdoing. It could also prevent the facility from neglecting other patients. 

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