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Golf Cart Fires and Other Hidden Dangers in Jacksonville, FL

Golf carts are a common sight in and around Florida’s neighborhoods. These small electric vehicles are a more economical and accessible mobility choice for residents looking to make short trips. They are also an especially attractive option for the elderly and those who may not be comfortable driving larger vehicles.

However, the small sizes and easy operation of these vehicles often lead many owners to overlook the risk of fire they pose. But an unexpected fire or similar golf cart accident risks destroying the cart itself, as well as your home and the lives of anyone present when it occurs.

Why Do Golf Carts Catch Fire?

Aside from manufacturing defects, most golf cart fires happen because owners fail to take proper precautions when charging their carts’ batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are fast becoming the preferred choice for golf carts. But during the charging process, these batteries emit hydrogen, a highly flammable gas, into the surrounding area.

Therefore, if a golf cart battery is left plugged in to charge too long, it can catch fire in the following manner:

  • The owner plugs the golf cart in, and the battery begins charging
  • As the battery charges, it emits hydrogen gas, and the charger becomes heated
  • The longer the battery is left plugged in, the hotter the charger becomes
  • The heat from the charger can ignite the accumulated hydrogen, sparking a fire

Older golf carts are at an increased risk of going up in flames because they lack modern safety developments. Modern golf carts typically have a feature that automatically shuts off the charging function once the battery is fully charged, preventing the battery and charger from overheating. However, a fire can still occur with a modern cart should that feature fail.

Owners can minimize the risk of a golf cart fire and associated burn injuries when charging their carts by taking preventive measures.

Failure to Get Regular Inspections

Inspect your golf carts, their batteries, and charging equipment regularly. If you notice any signs of battery corrosion or excessive wear on any cables, have those parts serviced or replaced immediately.

Leaving a Cart Unattended While Charging

Do not plug a golf cart in to charge its battery; only forget about it. Even modern carts with auto-off charging safety features should be periodically monitored while they are plugged in. If the charger or battery seems to be overheating, stop charging immediately and have your golf cart inspected.

Overcharging a Golf Cart’s Battery

Once you know your golf cart is fully charged, unplug it. Leaving a golf cart plugged in after the battery has been charged can overheat the cart and battery, increasing the risk of an explosion or fire.

Failing to Charge Your Golf Cart In an Appropriate Location

Make sure you charge your golf cart in an appropriate location. The charging station should have the proper voltage and equipment for your cart’s battery. Moreover, the area should be well-ventilated, ideally with an exhaust fan located near the top of the room. Lastly, do not store flammable materials like oil, rags, or paper near your cart while it is charging.

Avoid a Costly Or Deadly Golf Cart Fire By Knowing the Risks

A golf cart fire can ignite seemingly out of nowhere, given the right circumstances. Mitigating that risk depends in part on your conscious choices and attentiveness. Nevertheless, should you discover your golf cart on fire, do not discount the role that product defects may have played in the incident. Consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville can help ensure any legal rights to compensation you might have are protected.

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