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Florida Statute Makes Windshield Repairs Free

The last thing you expect is to come out of work or your house to find a broken or cracked windshield. Cracked and damaged windshields can be dangerous. They can also be expensive to repair.

Your vehicle’s windshield can crack, chip, or break for many reasons. A vehicle in front of you could throw a rock into your windshield, or debris from a truck you are following might fly into your windshield. Hail, tree branches, and other Acts of God could damage a vehicle’s windshield.

The good news is that Florida drivers can have their windshields repaired for free, thanks to a Florida statute windshield replacement. 

Florida’s Windshield Repair Statute 

Some drivers are unaware of the Florida statute that makes windshield repairs free until a repair shop, or their insurance provider tells them about it. 

Florida Statute §627.7288 states that an insurance deductible does not apply to motor vehicle glass. But, is windshield replacement free in Florida? According to Florida law for windshield replacement, the policy must provide comprehensive coverage or combined additional coverage for the windshield repair to be free.

Therefore, check with your insurance provider before you pay to repair or replace a broken car windshield. Your insurance company may pay for the entire cost of a broken windshield. Most windshield repair facilities are familiar with the law.

Why Does Florida Law Make Windshield Repairs Free?

A damaged windshield can be dangerous. The glass may shatter while the car is on the road. If it does, it could cause a traffic accident that could cause catastrophic injuries and traffic fatalities.

Therefore, repairing broken, cracked, and damaged windshields as soon as possible is in the public’s best interest. Eliminating the deductible for the repair encourages vehicle owners to repair a damaged windshield as soon as possible.

Car Maintenance Can Reduce the Risk of Traffic Accidents

Maintaining your vehicle can help reduce the risk of a car accident. Your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends periodic vehicle maintenance and inspections. The owner’s manual should have a suggested schedule.

Well-maintained vehicles are less likely to malfunction or break down on the road. Steps that you can take to keep your vehicle well-maintained and safe include:

  • Replace worn brakes 
  • Rotate tires and replace worn tires
  • Schedule routine inspections and maintenance
  • Change burnt-out lights
  • Replace worn windshield wipers

If you cause a traffic accident because your vehicle was not maintained in good condition, you could be liable for damages caused by the accident. Furthermore, under Florida’s contributory fault laws, your compensation for damages could be reduced if you contribute to the cause of a car accident. 

The cause of a car accident can be challenging to determine. Before assuming that you contributed to the cause of a car crash, talk with a car accident lawyer. Assuming liability for a car accident could cost you thousands of dollars in damages.

Why Do I Need to Be Concerned About Car Maintenance When Florida Is a No-Fault Insurance State?

Florida’s no-fault insurance laws require drivers to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. No-fault insurance compensates you for loss of income and medical bills after a car accident, regardless of fault.

If you are involved in a car accident, you file an insurance claim with your PIP provider. PIP insurance pays up to 80% of your medical bills and up to 60% of your lost wages. However, it does not compensate you for non-economic damages.

You cannot sue the at-fault driver unless you sustain serious injuries. Florida statutes define serious injuries. If you sustain serious injuries, you might have a claim against the driver who caused the car accident. 

The damages you could receive for serious injuries caused by a car accident include:

  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Medical bills and expenses for personal care and long-term nursing care
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of income, future wages, and benefits
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Decrease in future earning potential
  • Permanent impairments and disabilities

The amount you receive for a car accident claim depends on the facts of your case. The availability of liability insurance and the strength of your evidence proving fault are factors. The severity of your injuries and your economic damages are also factors. 

Car accidents happen for many reasons. You must prove that the other driver caused the crash and that you sustained serious injuries and damages to file a liability claim

Proving the other driver caused the crash could be challenging. You need evidence proving causation. A car accident attorney can help by investigating the cause of the crash, gathering evidence, and working with accident reconstructionists to identify the party or parties responsible for the accident.

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