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How To Prevent Firework Accidents This 4th of July in Jacksonville, FL

It’s legal to include fireworks in your 4th of July celebration in Florida. Independence Day is one of three days when the state allows citizens to set off fireworks at home. While you won’t get into trouble with the law, fireworks can still be dangerous. 

A recent report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that fireworks-related injuries have increased 25% since 2006. Nine deaths and 11,500 injuries occurred in 2021 alone. You can have fun with fireworks and avoid an injury if you put safety first. 

Common Fireworks Injuries

The CPSC study also found that most injuries from fireworks happen to the eyes, hands, fingers, and legs. 

Some of the most common injuries include:

Fireworks can also cause home or vehicle fires that could lead to an untimely death

5 Tips To Avoid Fireworks Injuries

The best way to prevent fireworks injuries is to skip the backyard explosions and enjoy a community display instead. There are several fireworks shows planned in the Jacksonville area. If you do decide to have personal fireworks, follow these tips. 

Purchase only legal fireworks from legally licensed vendors. All fireworks should have labels on them, not plain brown paper. Never make homemade fireworks.

2. Skip the Handheld Fireworks

Traditionally, sparklers and bottle rockets have been favorites for children because they could hold them in their hands. Sparklers especially are considered “harmless,” but most people don’t realize that sparklers burn at around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3. Prepare a Safe Space

Find a flat spot in your yard where fireworks can point away from your home. Remove dead leaves and other flammable materials from the area. Keep a hose or bucket of water nearby. 

4. Be Body Aware

Wear eye protection, and don’t stand or hunch over fireworks when lighting. Allow only one person at a time in the designated lighting area. Never point or throw fireworks at someone else. 

5. Careful Cleanup

When it’s time to clean up, place all debris in a bucket of water to soak before discarding. Never try to relight a dud, and don’t let kids keep duds or parts of ignited fireworks. 

What To Do If a Firework Injury Happens

Accidents can still happen even when you’re following safety protocols. If someone suffers an eye injury, take them to the emergency room. Don’t rub or touch the eye or try to flush the eye out with water. It could cause further harm and possibly cost someone their eyesight. 

For burns, remove clothing from the burned area and soak it in cool (not icy cold) water. Some burns can be treated at home, but if the burn forms blisters, begins to swell, or is larger than three inches in diameter, seek emergency care. 

If another person’s carelessness with fireworks harms you or your property, you might be entitled to financial compensation. Injuries from fireworks are usually minor but can be catastrophic. Seek medical care if injured and follow all medical recommendations. Call an experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorney to discuss your legal rights. 

Celebrate Safely This 4th of July

The 4th of July is a wonderful time to celebrate your patriotism, and it’s also a time to pay extra attention to safety. In addition to burn injuries, the number of car accidents caused by impaired driving also increases every July 4th. Have fun, but use good sense. Enjoy your fireworks safely and with consideration of others. Being a good neighbor is also part of being a good citizen.  

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