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Jacksonville Failure To Diagnose Lawyer

Your health is the most valuable thing you have. You trust your doctors and medical care providers to thoroughly examine you and take your symptoms seriously. Our Jacksonville failure to diagnose lawyers know all too well the serious consequence medical mistakes can have. 

If you were harmed because your healthcare providers in Jacksonville, FL, negligently failed to diagnose your medical condition, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Our Jacksonville personal injury attorneys have been fighting for injury victims for over ten years. Getting help is only a phone call away.   

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Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You if Your Medical Care Provider in Jacksonville Failed To Properly Diagnose You 

Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You if Your Medical Care Provider in Jacksonville Failed To Properly Diagnose You 

Healthcare providers receive years of education and practical work experience to get your medical treatment right. Our Jacksonville medical malpractice lawyers know that when it comes to your physical well-being, there is no room for preventable errors. 

Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers’ 69+ years of combined experience put our top-rated lawyers at the leading edge of advocating for the rights of injury victims. We back this up with our track record of delivering tens of millions of dollars in compensation to our injured clients.   

Our hard work in being the voice of accident victims has earned us numerous accolades and distinctions, such as: 

  • Receiving Martindale-Hubbell’s 2021 Platinum Client Champion Award
  • Earning Martindale-Hubbell’s most prestigious AV Preeminent Rating
  • Getting selected as the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers

While we’re proud of the compensation we’ve recovered for our clients and the recognition we’ve received, we’re especially proud of our client satisfaction record. Reputation matters, but our clients’ peace of mind is our number one goal. 

If your healthcare provider in Jacksonville, Florida, negligently failed to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your condition and you suffered harm, you may have legal recourse. Trust Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers to fight for every penny in compensation that you deserve. 

What Factors Contribute To Failure To Diagnose Cases? 

A correct diagnosis is critical for proper medical care. Florida law requires healthcare providers to act prudently when treating patients. However, they are human, and sometimes they do make mistakes. 

Medical errors are on the rise, and they are one of the leading causes of death in this country. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a healthcare provider’s failure to diagnose a patient, including: 

  • Ignoring or failing to evaluate a patient’s symptoms
  • Working long hours without adequate sleep and rest 
  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist
  • Failing to order necessary diagnostic tests
  • Misinterpreting CT scans, MRIs, mammograms, and other diagnostic tests

Failing to diagnose a medical condition results in a delay or failure to treat that condition. This can result in catastrophic injuries. If your healthcare provider negligently failed to properly diagnose your medical condition, you may have to bear the physical consequences of that error, but you shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial fallout. 

Medical malpractice cases, like failure to diagnose a medical condition, are complex. They require an attorney who not only understands the law but medical technology as well. Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers has the experience and skills you need to get the compensation you deserve. 

Is Failure To Diagnose a Medical Condition in Jacksonville, Florida, Always Malpractice?  

The medical field has seen great strides in medical technology improvement. Despite these advancements, healthcare providers continue to make avoidable diagnosis errors. But is every case of failure to diagnose medical malpractice? Not necessarily.

A failure to diagnose a medical condition case involves the same analysis as in any negligence case. To establish liability, you would need to prove negligence as follows:

  • There was a doctor-patient relationship
  • The doctor breached the standard of care by failing to diagnose the patient’s condition
  • The failure was the actual and proximate cause of the patient’s injury
  • The patient suffered damages

Not every failure to diagnose a medical condition is necessarily malpractice. The patient would have to show that a reasonably prudent doctor in the same circumstances would have made the correct diagnosis. This requires an expert opinion from another doctor. 

If your doctor or other healthcare provider carelessly failed to diagnose your medical condition, Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers is ready to fight for you.   

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If you’ve suffered harm because of your healthcare provider’s negligent failure to diagnose your medical condition, you need a lawyer who can take on the responsible parties. 

Baggett Law Personal Injury Lawyers will work relentlessly to identify every party who contributed to your injuries, and we’ll stand up to the insurance company when they try to limit or deny their liability.  

The law limits the amount of time you have to assert your legal rights. Call our experienced Jacksonville failure to diagnose attorneys today so we can begin investigating your injury and working on getting you much-needed financial relief. 

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