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A Guide to Motorcycle Safety in Jacksonville, Florida

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A Guide to Motorcycle Safety in Jacksonville, Florida

Riding a motorcycle is among the most visceral experiences imaginable. Just about any rider will tell you that it’s completely different from driving a car; many refer to automobiles as “cages,” referring to the metal frame shielding their occupants from the outside.

Of course, that “cage” makes a car significantly safer than a motorcycle. Motorcyclists are exposed to the elements and can suffer life-changing injuries in the event of a collision. Ultimately, motorcycles are dangerous for just about the same exact reason that they’re exciting.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to substantially lower your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident. With the following advice, you can ride confidently and put yourself in a position for a successful lifelong motorcycling career.

Read on for a guide to motorcycle safety in Jacksonville, Florida.

Practice Your Riding Skills

Practice Your Riding Skills

Most motorcyclists must take a Basic RiderCourse to obtain a license in the State of Florida, and there isn’t an as intensive requirement to get a regular driver’s license for driving a car. That’s because motorcycles take much more skill to ride, relatively speaking.

However, many riders make the mistake of stopping there in terms of improving their skill. One of the most important things you can do to stay safe on the road on your motorcycle is to work on your riding ability continually. 

A few examples of things you can do to practice your riding skills include:

  • Take another, more advanced riding course (such as this one that is similar to what police officers must take)
  • Find an empty parking lot and work on your slow-speed maneuvers and other techniques (some drills you can do may be found here)
  • Take your motorcycle to a local track to work on your high-speed abilities

You can improve your riding skills over time, but only if you work at it. These practices should be engaged in regularly to see meaningful results over the long haul.

Wear the Right Gear

A common adage you’ll hear among motorcyclists is “all the gear, all the time” (ATGATT). Some riders take this to heart, while others disregard it entirely. Florida law doesn’t require all riders over the age of 21 to wear a helmet, let alone other types of protective equipment.

Not wearing the right gear puts you at a higher risk of suffering a serious injury in a crash. As just one example, if you get into an accident while wearing regular blue jeans (as opposed to those fortified with armor), there is a much greater chance that you’ll need a skin graft if your leg is harmed. This is not to mention the severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that can result from not wearing a helmet.

While it may be more uncomfortable and inconvenient, wearing a helmet and other riding gear is almost never a bad idea. Doing so becomes a habit over time and will eventually become second nature.

Maintain Your Motorcycle

Ensuring your motorcycle is safe to ride is also one of the most critical steps to keep yourself free from harm. An unmaintained motorcycle puts others on the road at risk, which could be highly detrimental if you get into a wreck (even if the crash wasn’t entirely your fault). 

Taking the time to do a quick “checkup” of your bike will only take a few minutes, but it could end up paying off big time. This means checking things like headlight and turn signal operation, oil levels, brakes, and more.

It’s also helpful to ensure your motorcycle is kept up-to-date with more involved service projects, such as oil changes, engine maintenance, clutch, brake fluids, and others. You may be able to do some of these yourself, while others are best left to a maintenance professional.

Contact Our Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Lawyers for Help After a Crash

We sincerely hope these safety tips keep you accident-free on your motorcycle in Jacksonville, Florida, and beyond. However, if you get into a crash, know that you have legal rights and options. 

While Florida is a “no-fault” state for car accidents, the same is not true for motorcycle collisions. That means that you can generally take legal action against the driver who caused your crash for full economic and non-economic damages. 

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