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Why All Motorcycle Riders in Jacksonville Should Wear a Helmet Camera

Motorcycles are one of the most hazardous forms of motor vehicle transportation. If you’re an avid motorcycle rider, you likely understand that wearing a helmet is key to protecting yourself. However, you may not realize how adding a camera to that helmet can truly benefit you in the event of an accident.

Why Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Are Beneficial 

In 2021, more than 80,000 motorcyclists were injured in crashes. Because the rate of motorcycle accidents is so high, motorcyclists need to have ways to protect themselves physically and legally. Here’s how a riding helmet camera can help you if you’re ever involved in an accident.

Capture the Whole Scene 

Many helmet cameras have wide angles, with some going up to 170 degrees wide. This means they can capture the whole scene during an accident, including road defects and activity in other lanes. This is a great help to any attorney trying to recreate an accident scene during their investigation. 

Provide Unbiased and Objective Evidence

People can sometimes alter the truth to avoid claiming fault in a motorcycle accident. However, video footage from a helmet camera will never be untruthful or take sides. Whether it was a hit and run, lane change error, or the result of someone speeding, a video simply displays the facts of what happened with no opinions attached.

Enable Long-Term Evidence Availability

Motorcycle accidents are not always resolved right away. Not only is the statute of limitations (the deadline to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party) two years, but sometimes cases are delayed because of ongoing medical treatment. You can store a video for a very long time, and it will still be available if your case drags on for a long time.

Avoid the Trap of Fading Memories

It is a well-known fact that your memories can change over time. However, unless video footage is deliberately tampered with, it will never change. Because testimony from an event that happened weeks, months, or even years ago might be unreliable, you need evidence that will stand the test of time and show the facts without alteration.

Show the Severity and Intensity of the Incident

Sometimes, it can be difficult for the insurance company or a jury to believe an accident victim when they testify to the severity of their injuries. Watching the accident happen in real time can convey how intense the situation was, lending more credibility to your claims.

Video Evidence Is Admissible in Court

If your case must go to court, you can present video evidence based on relevance. What is more relevant than a first-person view of what really happened? The only caveat is that your video needs to be clear, which highlights the importance of choosing a good helmet camera.

Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet Video Camera

If you’re in the market for a helmet camera, here are four things you need to consider to make a quality selection:

  • Battery Life: Ensure your camera can record for at least two hours on a single charge, as you want to capture your entire trip
  • Storage Capacity: Choose the highest storage capacity possible so you can rest assured your video will be saved
  • Field of View: Aim for a wider field of view between 120 and 170 degrees so you can capture the whole scene
  • Image Quality: Look for high-quality resolution and night vision capabilities if you ride in the evening so your video will be clear

Considering these four elements will ensure you buy a helmet camera that will work well when you need it most.

Videos Are a Great Form of Protection

Having video evidence in a motorcycle accident not only shows who was truly at fault, but it can help you build a clear case so you and your attorney can go after the compensation you deserve. With the help of your helmet camera, you can ride confidently, knowing you are more protected out on the open road.

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