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What Happens if You’re Hit by Someone Driving a Rental Car in Jacksonville?

Getting hit by someone driving a rental car can become an insurance nightmare, but recovering compensation is still possible, especially if you have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side. 

Car accidents involving a rental vehicle are naturally more complex than other types of crashes. The insurance policies of the rental company, rental insurance, the other driver’s personal insurance, and your own policy may all come into play in recovering compensation for an accident that wasn’t your fault. 

Rental Car Accident Coverage

When a rental car driver causes an accident, you’ll seek compensation through the relevant policies in the order of: 

  • Other driver’s rental insurance
  • Other driver’s personal insurance
  • Rental company’s insurance
  • Your personal insurance 

Rental car companies encourage — and sometimes require — renters to purchase rental insurance in case an accident happens. This rental insurance policy is what you’ll initially seek compensation through. 

There are two main reasons for needing to look beyond rental insurance — the other driver didn’t purchase it, or the coverage isn’t enough to cover the damage.  

When Rental Insurance Coverage Isn’t Enough

Rental car drivers aren’t always required to purchase renter’s insurance, especially if their personal auto insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage. When this is the case, you’ll first seek compensation through the other driver’s personal insurance policy. 

If their insurance can’t cover the damage, you’ll then seek the remainder through the rental company’s insurance policy. 

When you seek compensation through a rental company’s insurance policies, the circumstances of the accident can directly impact how much compensation is available. If the rental driver violated laws or the terms of the rental agreement, the rental company might not have to pay out for an accident. 

For example, many insurance companies have strict policies about who can drive their rental vehicles. If the person driving the rental car wasn’t the renter or an authorized driver listed on the rental agreement, a rental company’s insurance provider may fight against paying, and a court may side with the rental company in such a scenario.

Using Your Own Driver’s Insurance After a Rental Accident

When adequate coverage isn’t an option through rental policies or the other driver’s insurance, you have one final option for getting the coverage you deserve — using your own PIP insurance policy. 

Your insurance company will likely fight against paying for an accident caused by another driver. It takes the skill of an experienced car accident lawyer to review your policy and negotiate a payout on your behalf. However, your own policy coverage is a possible form of compensation after a rental car driver causes an accident. 

After a rental car accident, you might end up seeking coverage through a rental policy, a rental insurance company, the other driver’s personal insurance, your own auto insurance policy, or some combination. In any case, insurance companies will always try to reduce the amount of money they have to pay after an accident. 

Protecting Yourself After a Rental Car Crash

You need the skill of an experienced attorney to negotiate compensation according to the policy terms. In some cases, it may even be necessary to take a case to court to get you the compensation you need to cover the damage.  

You can take a few steps to protect yourself after a car accident. Exchange personal information with the other driver and ask to take a picture of their rental agreement. This gives you evidence showing which company their vehicle was rented from. 

Always call the police so that they can establish official documentation of the accident. Finally, you should consult with a car accident lawyer before you begin the claims process. Getting legal advice from the start can help you avoid mistakes that cost you compensation. 

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