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How Long Does It Take To Get a Personal Injury Settlement Check in Jacksonville, FL?

One of the most common questions clients have after a personal injury case settlement is how long it will take for them to receive their settlement check. While many cases fall under typical timelines, every case is different, and several factors can influence how long it takes for you to receive your check.

What Happens Before You Receive Your Settlement Check?

Before you can get your settlement check, you will need to complete certain important steps with your Jacksonville personal injury lawyer. The time it takes to complete these steps will determine when you will receive your settlement check.

Your Case Settles

Of course, the very first step is actually settling your case. Negotiation is usually the most time-consuming part of a personal injury case. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months, depending on several factors, such as the insurance company’s willingness to settle and the time it takes you to recover from your injuries.

While there is always a possibility of going to trial, a majority of personal injury cases settle before they ever see the inside of a courtroom. Settling outside of court has many benefits, including saving time and money. 

Your personal injury attorney will work hard from the beginning with the end goal in mind: getting a settlement for maximum compensation. 

You Sign Settlement Documents

After your case settles, you’ll need to sign settlement documents. There are several documents that include details of your settlement and the amount you’re set to receive.

Among these documents, you’ll sign a release. Once the release is signed, you will no longer be able to pursue further compensation from the insurance company on this particular matter. It is important for a personal injury lawyer to review this document before you sign it.

The Insurance Company Reviews the Settlement Documents

After the settlement documents are signed, the insurance company will review them to ensure everything is correct. If they find no issues, they will proceed to issue a check for the entire settlement amount and send it to your attorney’s office. 

Your Personal Injury Attorney Receives the Check and Deposits It

Sometimes, clients are confused about why the attorney must receive their settlement check and deposit it before they get their money. There is a simple explanation for this process. 

Personal injury lawyers work on contingency. This is beneficial for clients, as they are not expected to pay anything upfront to retain a lawyer. In return for their legal services and money spent on your case, personal injury attorneys take an agreed-upon percentage from your settlement amount.

Lawyers are required to deposit settlement funds into special trust accounts. Once deposited, the attorney can take their percentage and write out a check for the remaining balance you’re entitled to receive. 

You Receive Your Settlement Check

Your lawyer’s office will notify you when your check is ready. You may have the check mailed to you, or you can go into the office to pick it up personally. 

Receiving your settlement check represents the last step of your case and the conclusion of your legal matter. 

Every Jacksonville Personal Injury Case Is Unique

While it normally takes about four to six weeks to receive your personal injury settlement check, times may vary depending on special circumstances. Throughout the life of your case, it is especially helpful to be patient and confident, knowing your Jacksonville personal injury attorney is doing everything they can for you and your case. 

If you have concerns or doubts regarding the timeline of your settlement, you can always reach out to your lawyer who is working on your case. They can provide valuable answers and give you much-needed peace of mind during this legal process. 

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